Would You Like Thousands Of People To Market Your Business For Free?

February 05, 2013

Though Pinterest is a visual social media medium, it is much more than just a tool utilized by stores with physical items for sale, or mums posting photos of their cakes.

Think for a moment about the power of infographics.

Infographics are visual mediums whereby a message is transferred in an easy-to-read and often entertaining format, and the user is educated and informed.


This tool can be utilized by almost any industry, and infographics are being pinned in the tens of thousands every day!

If you are not utilizing Pinterest for your business, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to market your business to tens of thousands of people – and even more powerfully – have others market your business for you, without costing you a cent!


How Your Business Gains Traffic Through Pinterest

1. Create an Account

A Pinterest account and boards are created for your business and you begin ‘following’ other people.

Pinterest Account

Newly created Pinterest account with boards

2. Pin Your photos, infographics, videos, etc

Photos from your business, infographics, items for sale etc are ‘pinned’ to your Pinterest boards (pinned means posted – much like on a Facebook wall) On EACH photo there is a link you create that links to your business website, blog etc and/or to the specific product for sale.

3. Your Pictures are ‘Pinned’ by Others

Other people see your ‘pins’ on their Pinterest newsfeed (much like a Facebook newsfeed) and if they like the information or love the item, they ‘pin’ it to their boards. It is ‘pinned’ on their boards permanently (unless they remove it). ‘Pinning’ to a board is like saving something in a scrapbook – it’s their very own virtual scrapbook!

4. Your Pictures ‘Go Viral’

Every single friend of the person who ‘pinned’ your photo, infographic etc, sees your item on their newsfeed. Those that like it ‘pin’ it, and their friends then see the item on their newsfeed. And so the momentum continues.

Pinterest Account

Under the Pinterest heading in red at the top you will see you can view newfeeds by categories. As an added benefit, if you tag your item with a price (indicating it is for sale) as is shown with the Nike sneaker on the first row, it will be automatically added to the ‘Gifts’ section of Pinterest. This way Pinterest becomes a whole new webstore for your products, with hundreds of thousands of visitors!

5. People Purchase and/or Market Your Products

Some of these people will come to your website to view your product or service and purchase, or subscribe to your page, blog or newsletter. Those that don’t, are still essentially marketers for your business and you don’t have to pay them a cent!

6. Backlinks are Created

During all this ‘pinning’ of your product or service, each pin is also creating a backlink to your site, which is also helping your SEO – something anyone who has a site knows is vitally important to your rankings online.

7. Pinterest is Powerful – Be a Trailblazer and Get on the Train!

Pinning is a powerful, powerful tool that is yet to be realized by the mass business market – but the time is coming – do you want to be last on the Pinterest train, following in the footsteps of your competitors who blazed a trail before you? Or do you want to BE the trailblazer in your industry?

Contact us today and learn how we can manage your Pinterest and other social media accounts so you can concentrate on enjoying the extra leads to your business.