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Social media is the fastest growing marketing tool in the world with an amazing ROI for your business.

We are able to target your demographic down to age, gender, location and interests. This means no wasted marketing or advertising funds spent on reaching people who are not interested in your business! The results are powerful.

Social Media Management Packages start from just $299/month for one platform, get in touch with us for more detailed pricing.

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14 million Australians have a Facebook account, with 10 million of them accessing Facebook every day, The average time Australians spend on Facebook is 1.7 hours every day. (Nielsen Report, 2015)

This is a powerful platform for reaching your customers, but you it’s not just a case of “If You Build It They Will Come.”

Content, quality content is vitally important and that’s where we put our thinking caps on and devise a strategy specifically tailored to your business needs. When we post on your Facebook account there is a strategy behind every pretty picture, article, promotion and meme. This is what it takes to deliver the results you need. Random posting without a plan will leave you feeling frustrated and your fans unresponsive.


Instagram is the fastest growing social network in Australia today for the under 40 crowd and has 5 million active Australian accounts. (Facebook Data as at September, 2015)

Instagram is an example of why choosing a platform aimed at your business demographic is so vitally important. You don’t want to be spending time and money marketing your business on Instagram if you are an adult diaper company (though you may get some traction for the laughs). Offering advice on the most appropriate platform/s for your business is what we do.


YouTube is having a resurgence of activity recently with Facebook integrating videos into their newsfeed, this is great for businesses who have an interest and know-how in developing great videos! From business tutorials, energy drink companies, musicians… well you get the picture, the sky is the limit.

The Rest

From Snapchat and Pinterest to Twitter and LinkedIn, we do it all. Touch base with us to see which platform is right for your business.

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