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Every business today should have a website.

We’ll say it again, you MUST have a website if you are in business and want to stay in business in this day and age. (Long gone are the days of your fingers doing the walking with the yellow pages.)

If people what to find you, the first thing they’re doing is searching Google, and if you’re not listed they are finding your competitor who is.

Look, we get it. Sometimes your business isn’t the type that has much to say, you feel like you would find it hard to fill just one page with the little information you have to offer! That’s OK, you don’t need much! Just like the days of the yellow pages providing your potential customers with a connection point for your business, this is what your website will provide them. Perhaps you feel your budget is tight and you are doubtful having a website will be worth it? We work with tight budgets and we promise, it is worth it.

Many small business have a very simple website that offers 4 key components:

  1. Home Page (Often called the landing page or front page of the website)
  2. About Us Page (Offering information about what service or products/ your business provides)
  3. Contact Page (Providing all the necessary details for your customer or client to get in touch: email, address, phone number and if you have them, links to your social media pages) This page often has a fill-in form for the customer to enter their details that zooms off in space and lands directly in your email inbox. A simple effective way for a potential client to get in touch without leaving your website.
  4. Your website MUST be mobile friendly (or mobile optimised). More and more people are checking their mobile devices (iphones/ipadsetc) when looking for information and if your website is not mobile friendly Google lowers its value and it will not come up early on the results list for your potential client when they do a search.

Even more frustratingly, it will be hard for your customers to view your page properly if they do find it and they will give up and go elsewhere.

This new website of yours doesn’t have to cost the earth.

A simple, modern and up-to date website can be completed for less than $1000. We have a small business package special that includes website design (3 pages) for a low price of $999!

Contact us here to learn more about this special.