Regional Business Specialists

Project Description

The Regional Small Business Specialists practice was developed to help Business Owners and their managers simply build a better business.

The practice principal is Stuart Goodfellow. Stuart started in regional small business and learnt from an early age the value of building sustainable businesses.

He then moved the corporate world, including global roles overseas, before coming full circle and landing back into his small business calling.

Stuart has consulted to 1000’s of small business owners in Australia and globally, helping to improve business systems, sales and marketing processes, financial acumen and team performance.

Stuart’s strong foundation and unique experience comes together to deliver amazing results for business owners with measurable outcomes.

Since Stuart has been involved with our business, we have seen productivity increase 130%, sales increase 113% and profitability increase 122%.” Other benefits for the business include increased cash flow, more clients and streamlined operations. It also meant they could take a five week holiday with the family and the business continued without them.
Brian and Jayne Pearman - Owners - Coastal Screens and Glass

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