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Benson is our company mascot and director of happiness. You don’t understand joy until you have met this dog. If you hate dogs, we might not be the company for you because we will judge you silently.


Director & Social Media Strategist

Karyn explained Facebook to her 91-year-old grandmother and she now has her own Facebook page. If she can help her she can help you, we promise!              She is so dedicated to the online world she takes her ipad to bed (much to her husbands dismay – we suspect they have a large therapy bill as a result.)       The good news is his loss is your gain! She will be checking on your social media accounts at all hours of the day and night while you are sleeping soundly.



Lee should be running a large advertising agency. He has so many ideas, his ideas have their own ideas. Ask him for creative input and he will offer so many solutions, you will run from the room covering your ears screaming “I cant take anymore, stop the solutions!”
But you will love him regardless, and as an added benefit he has great legs.


Social Media Strategist

Tiffany has a background in marketing and is now delving into the specifics of the digital world. Given she’s a Millennial, social media is life…If her phones not in her hand, it’s never far away or she finds gets the jitters!


Numbers & Analytics

Rebecca knows numbers. If we were left to our own devices we would have our accounts balance to the nearest thousand dollars and think it was ‘close enough’. Rebecca tells us this is not the case and gets angry eyes when she says it. (We’re a bit scared of her if we’re being honest.)


Website Development

Daniel creates something where there was once nothing. It astounds and confuses us so we just pass along the requests, wait for the results and ask no other questions.


Graphic Design

Marie is creative, fast and efficient. We love her because she ‘gets’ what we’re asking for and turns it into something pretty/cool/professional. Be like Marie.