How to Appear on the First Page of Google Results

August 01, 2018


Your business website can appear on the first page of Google with just a small change outlined below.

Brand awareness and website visits (and purchases if applicable) are the number one priorities for small businesses today. How do you get to the top of Google search results with a small budget and no time? SEO for your small business doesn’t have to be difficult.

Start a blog or news page on your website and update it frequently. Google rewards websites who update their content regularly and your site will rise in Googles results (rankings) significantly faster than your competitor if you feed the Google dragon. Updating your site with a small article or news update just once a month can make a significant difference to your results without a large outlay to an external business for SEO services.

This can take less than 30 minutes of your time and can have significant results. You don’t need to be a copywriter, just ensure your article is free of spelling or grammatical errors and adds value to the reader. (Have someone proofread it before you post!) An article approximately 300 words in length is the perfect size for monthly updates. You don’t need to rewrite war and peace!

Don’t forget to make sure you post a link to your new post on Facebook, Twitter or other credible industry website. ‘Backlinks’ (as these are termed) from reputable websites are viewed favourably by Google and will also help your website rankings.

Don’t forget, your site needs to be mobile optimised as well. If it’s not Google won’t love you and if he doesn’t love you he won’t reward you! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our helpful articles for small business.

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