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Do you have no clue when it comes to social media or digital marketing for business? Do you have a small business or are you a solo operator or start up in Port Macquarie, Newcastle, or any town in between? Have heard this is the way of the future for advertising and marketing and something your business should be doing, but simply have no idea where to start?

We are the people for you!

We deal with novices every day and we hear the same thing all the time; “I don’t know anything about social media, I’m so embarrassed!” Please don’t be. This is why we do what we do. If you knew all we do about social media or digital marketing for business, we wouldn’t have jobs! (Please stay ignorant and keep us employed.)

Seriously, we can show you simple steps that will give you an advantage over other businesses on how to contribute to your own social media pages and have an impact along with offering complete strategy and management solutions at reasonable prices. We work with many small businesses that have limited budgets and we have various options available for to maximize the return on investment for your outlay. Please don’t be too shy to contact us, we’d love to talk with you more.

The point is we are flexible and easy-going. We are really nice people (after our morning coffee) and we want to see you and your business succeed,  it makes us look good and we get a nice feeling inside to boot!

So please, touch base with us and lets see what we can do to have your clients lined up at the door!