3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Responsive Website in 2017

July 02, 2017

Have you visited your website via your mobile or tablet device lately? How did it look on a smaller screen?

If you answered ‘not so great’, we might just have some ‘not so great’ news for you. Unfortunately, websites that aren’t ‘mobile responsive’ suffer in a number of ways, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Read on to find out why your website might not be doing it’s job properly and how you can go about fixing it:

  1. A mobile responsive site is just that: responsive. It recognises when a user changes from using their desktop computer to their mobile or tablet device to view your product or service. The words and images scale to fit the screen. Without mobile responsiveness and ease of readability, the potential customer is more than likely to leave your site without thinking twice (and worst of all, without even thinking of making a purchase).
  2. Mobile responsiveness (sometimes referred to as mobile compatibility) or lack thereof, actually hinders your ability to be found in Google searches online. Google quite literally ‘punishes’ websites that are not mobile responsive by pushing them further down on the search results.
  3. Finally, with recent studies showing that over 70% of users* on the internet access information from mobile devices, without a mobile responsive website you are shutting yourself off from a significant market. It’s no longer a simple popularity issue, it is an element of your brand’s image that is being tarnished by something that is so easily fixed.

The solution to these problems? A mobile responsive website, that:

  1. Engages your audience, allows readability and is easy to access
  2. Abides by the requirements of Google and heightens your SEO
  3. Reaches your full list of intended visitors through targeting the most commonly utilised medium for internet explorers

Are you located in Newcastle, Port Macquarie or anywhere in between and need a mobile responsive website? We can help!

With just a few hours work on your current website we can ensure it is mobile responsive and you are converting your visitors into cold, hard, cash! 

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